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Version 3.27 Release Date 27/07/2016

ADD:Can now email or save patient printouts as PDF files, matching the printouts!
CHG:Improved contrast on patient information screens (appointments & files)
FIX:Appt Book columns were not sizing correctly at higher DPI settings
CHG:Print - Insurance now has option to show only selected billings AND payments
FIX:Resolved various issues when archiving and restoring patients
CHG:Archive files added for Treatment Plans, Notes, and Insurance tracking
CHG:Removed the option to archive old billings and payments (problematic)
CHG:Improved contrast and forms on patient information in archive area
CHG:Insurance/Patient Outstanding now calculated using Pay Expected if present
FIX:Error could occur when matching payments to insurance submissions
FIX:Matching payment to insurance sub. would show submissions for ALL patients
CHG:Can now spread one insurance payment across multiple submissions/billings
CHG:Allocations for insurance payments improved and can be manually adjusted
CHG:When selecting from a list of billings or payments, most recent shown first
CHG:Insurance and Patient amounts now displayed on file and in money bag screen
CHG:Can also allocate payment to insurance submissions via Payments tab - Insert
ADD:Access to add, edit and delete patient popup notes from patient file
CHG:Export - Patient Summary Information - Inactive Patients uses dates, not weeks
CHG:CMS 1500 form updated for the United States version
CHG:Minor HCAI changes for the Ontario version
FIX:Patient Class Not Found error after printing certain patient printouts
CHG:Option to filter out insurance payments on receipts (including tax receipt)
CHG:Time and Appointment Sheet Colours in Settings works for individual docs
CHG:No Future Appointments report will hide Number of Weeks when choosing All
FIX:Setup - Settings will no longer lose all settings when OK is not clicked
CHG:Option (in Setup - Settings) to include only first names in appt reminders

Full Changelist (Readme) for all updates from 1.51 to 3.27 (Right-click and Save Target As... to download)