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The Practice Evolution Program will show you how to grow your practice without sales techniques and gimmicks.  Finally, you can practice from your heart.  We teach honesty, integrity,clinical excellence and how to have fun in practice!!  It is an honest , straight-forward approach that has been developed by Dr. Ogi Ressel while building one of the largest most successful chiropractic children's and family practices in North America.  You'll learn how you can expand your practice and become a Health Coach to your community while getting more enjoyment and fulfillment from your practice and from life.  Check us out at or call us at 1-800-353-3082.

Kinetic Health

Dr. Brian Abelson DC, ART Active Release Techniques Instructor

Location: Bay #10-34 Edgedale Dr. N.W. Calgary, AB  T3A 2R4 
Dr. Abelson strongly feels that providing a better understanding of soft-tissue injuries,
their causes, and the means to their resolution, is a crucial part of reworking our ailing
health care system. His patient base includes olympic and professional athletes, and
individuals with chronic and acute injuries. In addition to his practice, he is a popular
writer of health articles and books such as Release Your Pain

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